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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Fallen Angels

At the creation at the Garden of Eden, heavenly angels were dispatched to Earth to watch over Adam and Eve. Soon, however, some angels set their sights on the world beyond the garden walls. They saw themselves as future rulers over the Earth's population, lusting after power, money and even human women.
   Together the tempted and convinced Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, opening the gates guarding Eden. As punishment for this grave sin and for deserting their duties, God stripped the angels' wings and banished them to Earth forever.
   Fallen Angels are the same evil spirits (or demons) described in the Bible as taking possesion of human bodies. Fallen Angels roam the Earth looking for human bodies to harass and control. They tempt humans to do evil by communicating thoughts and images directly to their minds. If a Fallen Angel succeeds in turning a human toward evil, it can enter the human's body and influence his or her personality and actions.
   However, the possession of a human body by a Fallen Angel can take place only during the Hebrew month of Cheshvan. Cheshvan, known as "the bitter month", is the only month without any Jewish holidays or fasts, making it an unholy month. Between new and full months during Cheshvan, Fallen Angels invade human bodies in droves.
   Fallen Angels who have a sexual relationship with a human produce superhuman offspring called Nephilim (Nef-ill-im). The Nephilim race is an evil and unnaturalrace and was never meant to inhabit Earth. Although many believe the Great Flood at the time of Noah was intended to cleanse the Earth of Nephilim, we have no way of knowing if this hybrid race died out and whether or not Fallen Angels have continued to reproduce with humans since that time. It seems logical that they would, which means the Nephilim race is likely on the Earth today.


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  2. Ohmigod, that's from Hush Hush! i love that book xD

  3. hey dude is this like real or is it just from the book?

  4. I read it. I believe? Yes kind of b'coz there r things in earth which are unseen & unexplainable.
    . ROSS